Wednesday , 12 May 2021

A Letter to the Community from Steve Ali

When Steve Ali was looking for a community to call home for his business, he was excited about North Ridgeville. “I researched the city of North Ridgeville and found out it was one of the fastest growing communities in the state of Ohio,” he said.Steve Ali and family

“Knowing this, it helped me make my decision to build my 30 year dream here…Xtreme Performance. Since I was a young kid, I always had the ability to fix and repair things. This determination and drive, along with my interest andpassion for cars, has placed me in my own automotive repair facility that I spent countless hours with my architect making sure everything was perfect. We built such an amazing building from the ground up, even winning awards for it being so energy-efficient.

“With this being said, I know I can help other small, businesses get off the ground and build their dream also. I know the process because I truly lived it! Not only being a business owner, I was an elected Union Steward at the steel mill that I worked at for eleven years.

“I was on the Chamber of Commerce Board. I currently sit on the North Ridgeville Rotary Board. I’m entering my seventh year on the JVS School Board. I have always had great respect and support for the police…so much so, that I’m entering my third term as President of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOPA) Lodge 28.

Steve Ali and County Commissioner Michelle Hung

Steve Ali and County Commissioner Michelle Hung

“The last thing that I’m extremely proud of, which turned out to be the deciding factor in running for Council At Large, is that Mayor Gillock trusted in me and my experience enough to appoint me to sit on the Planning Commission and now I’m entering my fourth year. This is something I truly enjoy – knowingI’m making a difference and making things even better in
this great city of North Ridgeville. Getting things done and making things happen.’’

“Steve is going to be involved and Steve will ask a lot of questions, he’s going to study the issues, he’s not going to come to a meeting unprepared, that I can tell you,” said County Commissioner Michelle Hung at the Ali Campaign kick-off. “Steve will have a measured approach and want to gather all the facts before he makes a decision…

“And in talking to Steve, something he has mentioned to me as we have talked about his running for City Council…….it is the idea, the call sign, the tag line—however you want to say it—and that is ‘Steve Ali gets it done.’”

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