Monday , 29 November 2021

Veterans Day Events at North Ridgeville Academic Center

To celebrate Veterans Day and pay our respect to our veterans, Nicole Roth, North Ridgeville Academic Center school counselor, organized three events to educate students on the sacrifice, service and impact of our veterans.

On Friday, November 8, NRAC 8th graders hosted members of the Veterans Mural Wall in Amherst, Ohio. Mr. John Sekletar and Mrs. Barb Smith spoke about each mural on the wall and gave a brief history of each war and the Lorain County connection that has been incorporated into the artwork in the paintings. Mr. Mike Sekletar, the artist, also shared his desire to serve local veterans in our community by using his talents.

On Monday, the entire 8th grade attended the Veterans Day ceremony at the base of the mural wall in Amherst. This is the 9th year for this ceremony and the first time ever that they have had students attend this event as a school field trip. Students were a shining example to other attendees of what it means to be Ranger STRONG.

When they returned from the field trip, each studio hosted 2-3 veterans where they were able to share stories about their time in the service and field questions from our students. NRAC Boosters generously provided sweet treats for both students and veterans to enjoy.

Rebecca Mehling’s 8th grade STEM class created posters in support of our veterans that hang in the North Ridgeville Academic Center lobby. This schedule of events was meant to serve as a prelude of the venues and events students will see and experience when they go to Washington DC in the spring.

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