Monday , 27 September 2021

North Ridgeville Police Department Reminds Us to Be Safe, Be Kind and Breathe

The North Ridgeville Police Department shared a moving post to their Facebook page to remind us all to remain calm and most importantly to breath through this trying time. See their post below:

These are scary days. We get that. No one really knows what is going to happen and every day there seems to be some big announcement that adds to already anxious times.

We just want to take a minute to say:


No really, take a deep breath right now.

Social media is filled with the scariest of information. Some true, some questionable, and some absolutely false. We aren’t going to tell you anything about COVID-19 because we don’t know anything about infectious disease research. What we do know is that you should be washing your hands. A lot.

What else we know is that we really are all in this together. These restrictions coming out will affect every single person in some way. Some obviously more than others. Now is not the time to look out for yourselves above all else.

Our restaurants are going to need your support more than ever. Most are open for take out. Please, continue to use them. These are going to very trying times for a lot of them and they need our support.

The trucks will keep rolling and the stores will continue to restock. Water will continue to flow when you turn your faucet. If everyone just buys what they normally need, there will plenty to go around for everyone. There is no reason for stores to have empty shelves. We can do better.

Check in with your elderly parents and neighbors. See if they need anything from the store if you’re heading out. They are the most at risk segment of society and they know it. Most of them don’t want to leave the house right now

Please don’t rely on random posts and memes on social media for your news. Go to reputable sites. We’ve listed several below. Don’t buy into the anxiety driven posts designed to scare you.

Most importantly, just be nice to each other. We are all stressed, kids are scared, parents are scared. The sun will continue to rise and we will get through this.

Be safe, be kind, and breathe.

Thank you to the North Ridgeville Police Department and to all our first responders, healthcare and supply chain workers. Visit the North Ridgeville Police Department Facebook to view their post.

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