Wednesday , 20 October 2021

Election Information

To register to vote in Ohio or update your registration address online, go to (Ohio Secretary of State Website). A link to this site can also be found on the Lorain County Board of Elections website ( You must register or update your voter registration no later than 30 days prior to an election. Since the General Election is November 3, you must do this by October 5, 2020 to vote in this election.

Absentee Ballot Request forms can be printed from the Lorain County Board of Elections site. FYI, absentee ballot request forms have been sent to all registered Ohio voters by the Secretary as well as some other organizations have sent them. You will need to complete the form and return to Lorain County Board of Elections, 1985 North Ridge Rd., East, Lorain, OH 44055.

Once you submit your absentee ballot request, you can track your absentee form as well as the mailing of your ballot and the receipt of your ballot by the Board of Elections on their website. They are not permitted to begin mailing of ballots until October 6th for the November 3rd election.

The United States Postal Service estimates first class mail may take 2 – 5 days for delivery so you will not want to delay in sending or requesting your form or ballot. You can also deliver absentee ballot form or ballot directly to the Lorain County Board of Elections. (Drop box is available at the site 24/7 & is monitored by video surveillance.)

The plan right now is to have polling places open for voting on Tuesday, November 3 but as you know with COVID, things change daily. The normal hours for voting are 6:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. on that day. In person voting begins on October 6 at the Lorain County Board of Elections office. Hours and additional information can be found on their website.

Please do not request an absentee ballot if you plan to vote in person as you would have to complete a provisional ballot at the polls which may or may not be counted.

Poll workers are greatly needed throughout Lorain County in order to staff polling places. They get paid for their time, defend democracy, and help make this November a successful election. You can apply to be a poll worker on the Lorain County Board of Elections website.

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