Wednesday , 12 May 2021

North Ridgeville Revisited: A Look Back at Worcester’s

Esther Worcester at the sales counter.

A Look Back at Worcester’s

When people talk about “buying local” one of the oldest stores in town comes to mind- Worcester’s! Five generations of Worcester’s have been providing farm supplies, pet supplies, lawn equipment and all sorts of other goods to area residents. If you’ve ever wondered how the business started or how it came to be you will enjoy reading the latest blog on our website:

The Worcester family has been members of our group for many years and Tom Worcester provided a look back to the beginning of the business for us to share with you. You might also enjoy a visit to the store which, although it’s grown larger over the years, still retains its historical charm.

(Ed. Note: Please visit for a complete blog on Worcester’s).

NR Historical Society Offers Collectible Medallions

The North Ridgeville Historical Society is offering collectible medallions highlight some of the community’s significant landmarks.

“We have quite a few different designs to choose from and they are only $6 each! Each one will bring to mind a memory of your hometown! These are made right here in town by a local company, so your purchase not only helps the Historical Society, it also promotes the practice of “buying local”. These can be purchased on our website, along with other collectibles.”

Please visit to learn more.

Making a Difference: A North Ridgeville Veteran’s Story

Today’s North Ridgeville veteran’s story involves a local veteran, an orphanage and….toothbrushes!

The years 1964-1968 made a significant impact on both Carl Kleinholz, and children at the Sacred Heart Orphanage in DaNang, Vietnam. Carl is a Navy veteran and he shared this story involving toothbrushes with the Chronicle Telegram back in 2005.

The Navy had sent him to DaNang where he soon discovered the local orphanage and the kids living there. He enjoyed the Vietnamese people and soon discovered the kids in the orphanage were in need of some very basic necessities.

One of the nuns told Carl that they really were in need of toothbrushes. Carl wrote to his mother, who, according to his brother, Gene, made it her mission to gather as many toothbrushes as she could. Soon, she was buying up every toothbrush our local stores had. She packed them up and mailed them to Vietnam and soon the kids were happily brushing!

His mother continued to send “care” packages throughout his time there, and the nuns, in return, thanked her through grateful letters mailed back. Carl continued to help the cause by giving his free time and cash donations he had collected from his Navy buddies.

Somewhere in this world there are some Vietnamese adults whose lives were impacted by the simple acts of kindness provided by the North Ridgeville Kleinholz Family!

(Ed. Note: Thank you to the North Ridgeville Historical Society for this story. “Remember – we would like to hear YOUR veteran story. Please share a photo and brief bio to be included in our Military Book. We want to honor all veterans that have lived in North Ridgeville.” Please visit

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