Saturday , 24 July 2021

The North Ridgeville Corn Festival is Back On for 2021!

We’re all ears! Kandy, Kernel and Poppie are excited to welcome you back to the 2021 Corn Festival! Photo courtesy, North Ridgeville Corn Festival Facebook.

Good news! The North Ridgeville Corn Festival is back on for 2021!

The Festival released a memo on May 21 announcing the exciting change of plans for this year.

“On April 21st, the North Ridgeville Corn Festival announced that due to issues involved with the COVID-19 pandemic, namely the uncertainty of the COVID-19 restrictions at the time of the festival and lack of sufficient planning time, the Corn Festival Committee felt that it would not be possible to put the event on this year,” reports John Butkowski, President, The North Ridgeville Corn Festival Committee.

John and Bernadine Butkowski bringing the good news!

“With the recent lifting of the restrictions by the governor and discussion with the Lorain County Health Dept., the committee met and are pleased to announce that we will have the Corn Festival Aug. 13-15 and bring back the highlight of the summer in the City of North Ridgeville.”

Preparation time will be a challenge, reports Butkowski. “Due to the relative short time to organize the event and the fact that we have a shortage of volunteers, it will not be an easy task,” he says. “The Corn Festival committee is seeking volunteer support from the community.”

A volunteer meeting was called for May 25 at the South Central Park Pavilion and more volunteers will be needed. Check The North Ridgeville Corn Festival Facebook page or for upcoming info.

Mark your calendar today for the 46th North Ridgeville Corn Festival, Aug. 13-15.

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