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North Ridgeville Historical Society

Ridge Freezer

The Ridge Freezer Marketing Association was established in 1944. They opened up their freezer facility at 35363 Center Ridge Road at the corner of Root Road and Center Ridge.

At this time meat was rationed, and home freezers were an expensive novelty. Ridge Freeze would process beef, pork, and chicken and sell them to the community. They also offered freezer lockers for rent where customers could keep their meat products. In the early 50’s they started selling vegetables and other grocery items.

In July of 1956, Dave Towner, owner of Towner’s Pharmacy in Ridgeville, offered to purchase the building and property. He wanted to use the location for a drug store and delicatessen and possibly offices. The acceptance of the offer was postponed.

The Ridge Freeze board of directors decided to dissolve the business on October 29, 1959, and sell the facility. They attributed the decline in demand for freezer locker rental to the increase in the number of home freezers. The plant had once had 700 lockers but that had declined to only 400, only 200 rented. A liquidation sale was held in December.

In January 1957, Towner did purchase the property and convert the building for his pharmacy and a store. This is the building that was torn down for road construction.

1940’s Schooling

The year was 1940 and the school system had run out of money. These students graduated early and celebrated with a group photo on the front lawn of the high school. (the former Middle School on Center Ridge-now gone) Luckily for us, one of their friends was Tom Richards, a younger alumnus of the school. He was making a scrapbook of his life in Ridgeville and his school friends pictured here all have a page of their own.

Tom’s family donated this scrapbook to us and one of our members, Ken Buescher, found a way to preserve it for the future, so we can all enjoy it without fear of tearing the delicate pages. What a unique look into the past!

Courtesy North Ridgeville Historical Society

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