Wednesday , 28 September 2022

City, Schools Facilities Plan Will Transform Community

A Vision for North Ridgeville…

Mayor Kevin Corcoran and Supt. of School Roxann Ramsey-Caserio at this year’s State of the City Address

On Monday, May 9, at a joint meeting with the North Ridgeville Board of Education and the City of North Ridgeville, an agreement was announced to collaborate on a facilities project. The project consists of the construction of a new high school, elementary school, dedicated space for Ranger High-Tech Academy, and a community center that includes an indoor aquatics facility, a field house with an indoor walking track, and a senior center.

“I want to thank the District Facilities Planning Committee for their dedication to North Ridgeville,” North Ridgeville City Schools Superintendent Roxann Ramsey-Caserio said. “It became evident early on that they identified needs within the community that far surpassed school buildings. Throughout the planning process an opportunity presented itself that could truly transform the City of North Ridgeville.”

“I have been frequently and repeatedly asked for a recreation facility and other community spaces,” North Ridgeville Mayor Kevin Corcoran said. “This project will meet the needs of the school district and satisfy the requests of the overall community… I am excited for this momentous opportunity for the school district and the City of North Ridgeville.”

New facilities for the district are needed due to growing enrollment, which has increased by over 1,000 students in the past decade. Liberty Elementary is at capacity and the high school is over capacity. The high school, which was built to house 900 students, currently houses over 1,400 students, resulting in the need for modular units.

The initial design calls for grades K-3 to be in a new elementary school. This will allow for expanded universal pre-kindergarten offerings and the ability to provide full-day kindergarten. The new high school will also include a performing arts center.

“As a taxpayer, this is a game-changer to see the needs of the community met by the schools and the city working together,” North Ridgeville City Schools Board of Education President Frank Vacha said. “There should be an expectation that whenever possible, and to the benefit of the city, we work together to make this amazing community better while saving the taxpayers money.”

The entire project will cost approximately $232 million. By doing a joint project, the North Ridgeville City Schools is addressing the needs of the community. Additionally, by completing a joint project, the community will save over $18 million in construction costs alone, plus additional operating costs in perpetuity over completing the project separately.

“This opportunity meets many of the needs of our growing community while having the very compelling advantage of significant cost savings resulting from the shared resources that would be realized between the city and the district,” North Ridgeville City Council President Jason Jacobs said. “I believe strong communities and strong schools go hand in hand, and it is certainly fitting that these two entities should enter into a cooperative partnership to pursue this project for the overall benefit of the people of North Ridgeville.”

Assuming successful passage of the electoral issues on the November 8, 2022, ballot, it is anticipated to take four to five years for project completion. The facilities will be located on current district properties, and under this plan, Liberty Elementary, Ranger High-Tech Academy, and North Ridgeville High School will be taken out of service.

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