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Meet Our “Amazing Shake” Winners!

The Amazing Shake Champions for the 2022-23 school year Najha Malid, Lydia Scheiferstein, Jaina Cormack and Marissa Ferner with Supt. of School Roxann Ramsey-Caserio (center).

Four seventh grade students in North Ridgeville City Schools were named The Amazing Shake Champions for the 2022-23 school year. These students competed in three rounds of stations that put their manners to the test. Community members, administrators and local business owners served as judges for the various stations during the different rounds where students were given scores on their handshake, maintaining eye contact, interviewing skills, their ability to make an appointment over the phone or order pizza and how they handled an angry customer.

All 350 seventh graders participated in round one, which was held in November. The top 65 students moved on to round two in the beginning of February. From there, the top 32 students competed in round three, the final round, where each student chose a local Northeast Ohio non-profit organization and created a presentation to convince a sponsor that their chosen organization was worthy of a $500 donation.

Each winner was announced live at a grade-level assembly held at the North Ridgeville Academic Center on March 13 where they were joined on stage by both their judge (sponsor) for round 3 and a representative from the non-profit receiving the donation.

Marissa Ferner, Jaina Cormack, Najha Malid and Lydia Scheiferstein

This year’s winners are:

  • Najha Malid from 7 Purple. The sponsor was Mr. John Palcisko and the non-profit Najha chose was the Nakon Foundation.
  • Marissa Ferner from 7 Yellow. The sponsor was the University of Toledo Office of Community Engagement and the non-profit Marissa chose was North Pointe Ballet
  • Lydia Scheiferstein from 7 Blue. The sponsor was Dr. Ron & Trish Arndt and the non-profit Lydia chose was Values in Action.
  • Jaina Cormack from Ranger High-Tech Academy. The sponsor was First Federal Lakewood and the non-profit was A Kid Again Foundation.

Just recently, Gary and Renee Tollett of WOBL radio station opened their studio and the airwaves to these winners to interview them over their spring break. They also donated radio advertising time to both the sponsors and the non-profit recipients for being a part of this event.

The Amazing Shake requires a dedicated team of teachers and administrators willing to support the many moving parts of the program. North Ridgeville City Schools is thankful for the community members who are willing to serve as judges throughout the process and especially grateful for the sponsors who donated their time, talents and treasures to make the donations to the non-profit organizations possible.

If you would like to get involved in this event for the 2023-24 school year, either as a judge or a sponsor, please contact Nikki Roth,

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