Wednesday , 24 April 2024

Ready to Imagine Pop Up Party

Last month, hundreds of community members and local business leaders attended the city’s Ready to Imagine Pop Up Party at the Senior Center. Despite the rain, attendees gathered to provide input on the master planning process and participate in a variety of other activities that included raffles, games and pizza.

To gather feedback, the Ridgeville Ready team answered questions, displayed vision boards and provided an avenue for residents to share input on North Ridgeville’s future town center, reimagining what this part of the city could be in the years ahead.

Also representatives from North Ridgeville City Schools, North Ridgeville Parks & Recreation, North Ridgeville Office for Older Adults, Lorain Public Library System, North Ridgeville Veterans Memorial and North Ridgeville Heart and Sole were present to share their projects and initiatives in the city, and to show how by working together, we can build a better North Ridgeville.

“We look forward to incorporating your feedback into the master plan which will guide decisions for years to come.” Learn more about the process here:

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