Monday , 29 November 2021

‘I Learned How to Be Curious….”

David Pritt, Dir. Curriculum and Instruction NR Schools, Melissa Durkin STEM Coordinator North Ridgeville City Schools, Marjorie Snyder, NR Chamber President, Supt. of Schools Roxann Ramsey-Caserio, and Scott Vollmer, VP STEM Learning Great Lake Science Center.

Scott Vollmer, Vice President of STEM Learning at the Great Lakes Science Center, shared a fascinating message with the North Ridgeville Chamber of Commerce at its monthly luncheon, held last Thursday at Red Tail Golf Club.

“I learned how to be curious,” said Vollmer of the career mindset he formed in shaping his professional life.

In the audience were NR Schools representatives, including Melissa Durkin, STEM Coordinator North Ridgeville City Schools.

STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

“I want to give a shout-out to the Ranger High-Tech Academy,” said Vollmer. “We have to develop a passion for STEM and bring it back home. And that is what they are doing.”

The future, said Vollmer, lies in the hands of schools like the Academy. “We don’t have a workforce shortage. We have a skills shortage,” he said – especially in the areas of engineering and technology.

Scott Vollmer, VP STEM Learning Great Lake Science Center

Ranger High-Tech Academy is one of Ohio’s forward-leaning centers for STEM learning. Ranger Tech Academy provides an enhanced curriculum focusing on science, technology, engineering and math for students entering grades 2-7. The transdisciplinary, applied learning curriculum there is designed collaboratively with business and community partners in order to engage and excel learners with authentic problems, authentic processes and authentic products. Students work collaboratively on project-based learning units within the school building and at partner locations, and creates context for learning and introduces students to a wide variety of STEM careers.

“The next generation must have confidence in working with data,” said Vollmer. “Raising confidence in students working with emerging tech and block chain is the goal. And curiosity can drive a whole business forward.”

Here is a link to Ohio’s STEM Learning Network Schools:

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