Monday , 29 November 2021

June Yost: A Legacy of Care

Jeff Armbruster, City of North Ridgeville, Ryan Schultheiss, Greenquest Group, Daphne Yost, NRCC Asst. Director, Heather Kaegen, incoming NRCC Exec. Director, Bud Hagy, Bistro 83, June Yost, NRCC Exec. Di-rector, Jeff Gresko, Bistro 83 and Mayor David Gillock. “We wish you a beautiful retirement, June Yost! With your hard work you have built an amazing community outreach center for our town! You have been a treasure to those in need in North Ridgeville!”

When June Yost retires at the end of the month, only God will know how many hundreds and even thousands of lives she has touched in her 31-years as Director of North Ridgeville Community Care.

Since 1989, when June was asked by community clergy to expand the role she had accepted to assist with drop-out prevention among middle-schoolers, June has headed the organization which has literally saved lives, homes and families in North Ridgeville.

Last month, as she accepted a donation from Bistro 83, June noted that the community has changed through the years. “We now have as many seniors as we do single parents,” she said.

In all instances, June has ensured that North Ridgeville Community Care is ready to respond when food is needed, bills are due and illness strikes families. “We will pay the bills for our clients in need. But we never give money,” she said.

When June said ‘Yes’ to the clergy, NR Community Care was founded. It evolved as it responded to the significant numbers of families and individuals whose basic needs fell outside the range of local government support programs.

Local churches, schools and community groups have formed a support coalition committed to serving those in need in the community of North Ridgeville.  For 31 years NRCC has provided support to income-constrained families, strengthening their health, education, dignity and general well-being when no or few other human service resources were available.

Now, June is retiring – leaving her trust with new executive director Heather Kaesgen and Assistant Director Daphne Yost. They will split the roles June has filled for three decades.

Thank you, June Yost! You are a true community treasure!

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