Wednesday , 12 May 2021

A Letter to the Community from Jim Maleski

My wife Kimberly and I have lived in North Ridgeville for nearly 16 years. Our two daughters, Madison and Makinley attend North Ridgeville City Schools.

F0r close to twenty years I have been a teacher. I have taught 16-22-year-old drop outs in the City of Cleveland at a Charter School, was a special education teacher for the city of Huron, and currently teach 7th grade World History in the Huron City School district with the highest rating of an accomplish teacher.

I have coached football, basketball, wrestling, and track for over 20 years at all levels, including for the North Ridgeville Recreation Department and North Ridgeville Travel Basketball Association.

I am a graduate of Cleveland State University with a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Ashland University, and currently working on my second Master Degree in American History. Member of the Lions Club of North Ridgeville, member of the North Ridgeville Chamber of Commerce, a Booster Member of the Fraternal Order of Police, Member of the Academic Recognition Committee for the North Ridgeville City Schools, and a Browns season ticket holder.

-Against Any Tax Increase: Maintain Fiscal Responsibility as A Member of the
Finance Committee

• Continue Working on Attracting New Businesses

• Continue Work on,Road and Sound Safety

• Continue Work on Fixing Flooding Issues
Achievements: Helped Secure Land for New
Veterans Memorial

• Awareness to Issues on Roads Such as Avalon and Sugar Ridge

• FiscalResponsibly as a Member of the Finance Committee

• Passed Legislation to improve city flood

• Creating new noise/ sound legislation.


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