Wednesday , 12 May 2021

A Letter to the Community from Jason Jacobs

Councilman Jason Jacobs reports his plan for North Ridgeville focuses on three main areas:

Economic development – I believe the residents of North Ridgeville desire, and would benefit from, additional retail and restaurant options within our city limits. I will ensure it is a priority for our city to create an even more inviting environment for these types of businesses to locate in North Ridgeville. Additionally, I believe we must make a focused effort to attract light industrial and technological businesses to our community. These types of employers would offer high paying jobs that would help our city gain additional tax revenues to provide greater services to our residents, without having to increase taxes across the board. As one of the fastest growing communities in the state of Ohio, North Ridgeville has drawn many educated and talented new residents over the last several years. This fact, coupled with the many educational institutions in our area, presents North Ridgeville as a prime location with a potential job force ready, for this type of economic growth and prosperity.

City infrastructure – Now that we are nearing the completion of the Center Ridge Road widening and improvement project, we must strive to ensure a dedicated effort
to promote business growth and amenities along our city’s major thoroughfare. The new Center Ridge corridor will not only ensure traffic moves much more smoothly than ever before, but it is poised to be an even greater economic center for North Ridgeville. We must also provide adequate funding to maintain and repair streets as well as look at other areas of our city for improvements that can help our residents move about the city more efficiently. I am also dedicated to ensuring the city continues to fund efforts to improve the flooding issues that have plagued many areas of the city for years. Continuing to clear ditches, streams and other waterways throughout the city; repairing and replacing failing sewer lines; and seeking funding to build retention basins and other improvements to our city’s stormwater management strategies must be a top priority for our city.

Fiscal responsibility – It is important to me that our city continue to be financially conservative with its funds. I will closely monitor city budgets to ensure priority-based spending that will maintain financial stability, while keeping taxes as low as possible, especially as we move forward after the COVID-19 crisis. The continued responsible spending of city monies will further help to create opportunities and a future of innovation for our great city.

Overall, I intend to make sensible and sound decisions for the betterment of our city and its residents so that North Ridgeville becomes an even better place to live, work, play, conduct business and raise a family. And I humbly ask foryour vote on May 4th.

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