Friday , 2 December 2022

‘Stop the Bleed’ Donation Comes to North Ridgeville

Todd Harford, COO UH Elyria Memorial Hospital, John Reese, North Ridgeville Fire Chief, Roxann Caserio, North Ridgeville Supt. of Schools, and Jonathan Sague, COO UH St. John Medical Center. Stop the Bleed kits donated to every classroom ensure immediate emergency response in a time of need.

“Stop the Bleed” is an initiative of the University Hospitals EMS Training and Preparedness Institute.

The program educates schools and students (as well as other institutions) on emergency response in a time of need. The program includes training from qualified paramedics on procedures like CPR and tourniquet application using patient simulators. North Ridgeville High is the latest school to receive Stop the Bleed buckets – containers filled with emergency medical equipment like special need tourniquets. A bucket is donated for each classroom in a school that has received this important training. The program is making its way around the area to ensure adequate response capability for schools should the need arise. “Now, we just hope they never have to use them!” says Ken Hehnen, Instructor/Coordinator EMS Institute.

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